Automotive Car Accessories : Top 5

Here is the list of top 5 automotive car accessories you must try !

1. Hand Held Car Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping a car or any automotive neat and tidy is one of the trickiest and tiring work. We come some inaccessible corners, gaps between the
seat fabric, cup holder slot and nobody even thinks of touching the places underneath the
Since car has many electronic components and complex mechanisms at different spots the thought of using a spray & microfiber cloth is long gone.

During such times vacuum cleaners come in handy, such is the product Black & Decker
ACV 1205 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner’
It is small, compact and easy to use, just plug the adapter into the cars cigarette lighter port and
you can clean your car in no time. It also comes with various extensions that help in covering
difficult corners and inaccessible edges.
Cleaning the vacuum is also one heck of a job, but the product comes with easy to remove filter
that gets the job done.

2. Flow Led Light Strip

Flow led light strip

What if a product could not only improvise your ride
look wise but also improve its functionality. Kingsway Boot Light is one such product which not only adds a futuristic look to your car but also acts as a multi functional tool that syncs perfectly with the indicator lights and gives 3 different effects that is when the left indicator is on the lights gives a running effect to the lefty side and the same goes for the right side, it also gives effect when breaks are applied. It pimps your ride to give it a beauty and the beast effect!!.

3. Car Air Humidifier

Car air humidifier

Driving inside the city has its pros and cons and one of the major cons is the city pollution that every person has to suffer from. When inside your car situation just gets worse and thus to prevent you from its effects the above product is most useful. There are other available products in the market but the major problem they face is with refilling, they come with limited and small quantity of freshener but that is where this accessory fits, its biggest advantage is its re-usability that is all you need is some water and your favorite scent and you can have a fresh and cleansed car. The usage is pretty simple after refilling the freshener all you have to do is to plug it directly in to the cigarette lighter port of your car and adjust it whichever direction you want. That is all it takes to purify your car.

4. Wireless Bluetooth Connector

Wireless Bluetooth Connector

A car journey can never be complete without the music of one’s choice but what are some basic
problem that you can face, you don’t have an AUX cable, car system does not support Bluetooth and what not but the above accessory is the one solution to all your problem it a simple and unique device that is loaded with tones of features.
You can pair your mobile without wire to the connector that is then connected with the AUX cable
that comes with the package. It not only allows you to play music but also allows you to take calls using built in microphone, enable your google assistant without even touching your phone.

Using it is very simple all you have to do is connect your phone to the Bluetooth connector and
connect it to your cars music system.

5. Car Heater Mug with USB Charger

If you are a hot beverage lover like me and wish to enjoy your long journey with something hot
to keep you cheered up then this product is the perfect option for you. This mug is designed to
fit perfectly with the cup holder and hence is spill proof moreover it is made of stainless steel
and the handle is made of plastic to make it easy to hold. The cup can be sealed from above
using a cap that comes with a cavity for inserting straw. The product is easy to use you just have
to plug it to the USB port of your car and you are ready to ENJOY HOT TEA OF COFFEE ON THE

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